German Shows Cancelled

I’m sorry to announce that we have had to cancel the three shows in Germany for now. Apologies to those who have bought tickets, but hopefully I’ll get there with the band at stage next year. All the other shows are going ahead as planned – look forward to seeing you there!

My album – (I Can’t Get No) Stevie Jackson

I’m delighted to announce that my solo album, (I Can’t Get No) Stevie Jackson is available now.

Rather than hanging around (we only finished mastering it last week), it is available to download immediately directly from us at Banchory.

We have sent the art and the masters off to the factory too – so there will be physical copies in about 4 weeks time: CDs and a nice, heavyweight / gatefold vinyl edition. When you buy, you have the option of buying a download on its own, or to get an download with a CD or vinyl copy sent out to you as soon as we get them. If you’d prefer to wait for the physical editions, they will be available to buy separately from 24th October, again directly from the website. Initially, the album will not (as K-Tel used to say) be available in the shops: at least to begin with it will only be available directly from us and at my forthcoming shows, of which, more later!

By way of background, there are twelve songs on the record, which have been written and recorded intermittently in Glasgow and Vancouver since Belle and Sebastian finished touring The Life Pursuit in 2006. As well as featuring assorted members of the band (Bob was a constant throughout; Mick helped arrange some of the tracks and Richard, Chris and Sarah all played on different songs) the Glasgow sessions include contributions from my long-term friends and collaborators including Bill Wells, Roy Moller and Gary Thom (The Company), Alex Neilson (Trembling Bells) and Katrina Mitchell (The Pastels). Three songs were recorded in Vancouver with the New Pornographers’ rhythm section, Kurt Dahle and John Collins.

If you are interested, I’ve written a bit about each of the songs in part of the website where you will find lyrics, some back stories, links, photos and, perhaps even a few hidden audio tracks for download.

The full track listing is Pure of Heart / Just, Just So To The Point/ Try Me/ Richie Now / Dead Man’s Fall/ Bird’s Eye View / Man of God / Kurosawa/ Where Do All The Good Girls Go?/ Telephone Song/ Press Send/ Feel The Morning

You can also preview 2 of the songs from the album – Man of God and Try Me in their entirety on Soundcloud : (Man of God is available to download for a limited period.

Hope you enjoy it!



Stevie Jackson can be contacted via Facebook, or Twitter.

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Feel The Morning

The Song

One of the first songs written with the Company – this is one of my favourites. It was a very spontaneous recording with a few overdubs thrown at it without too much thought. It all kind of hangs together like it doesn’t care. I don’t think I’m a natural Krishna who talk of the “little death.” I love the dream like state. This song doesn’t pertain to a real experience but describes it anyway. The wonder of being alive, the magic of the morning/evening. As long as one can keep breathing there seems to be a limitless supply.

The Players

Richard Colburn drums
Bill Wells bass
Bob Kildea guitar vocals percussion
Roy Moller elec piano vocals percussion
Chris Geddes organ
Stevie guitars piano pedal steel percussion vocals

The Writers

The Company

The Words

The more I saw her, I can’t forget her under Saturn’s Moon
Stars are flying, past my window, morning comes too soon

And in the morning, spaceships calling me before I wake
Try to board ‘em with my ticket then it’s much too late
Silver lining, the sun is shining through my window pane

The more I saw you, I can’t forget you, I want to see you soon
I’m a flower and it’s raining, it really does me good

Feel the morning, feel the evening, feel the same way too
I have see it and I like it, so how about you?

“Hey, you mean so much to me”

Press Send

The Song

Be brave!

The Players

Alex Neilson drums
Bill Wells bass
Bob lead guitar percussion vocals
Dave McGowan pedal steel
Chris Geddes piano
Stevie guitar vocals
Roy Moller vocals

The Writers

The Company

The Words

Did you ever wake up after sending an E mail to a friend (female)?
Did you ever wake up having divulging your feelings to someone you love?

Should I hide myself away or should I let her know how I feel?
I don’t want to ruin a friendship, I’ve got to let her know how I feel
(Don’t send, do send, don’t send, do send)

I was told that I should phone her but talking’s never been my scene
(Don’t send, do send, don’t send, do send)
I’ve been staring at my letter and “SEND” is jumping out from the screen
(Don’t send, do send, don’t send, do send)
I don’t need a spell check to spell out the letters I love you “L U V”
(Don’t send, do send, don’t send, do send)

I can’t believe the way I feel, I electronically conceal
All the feelings in my head, will she leave it marked unread?
(Don’t send, do send, don’t send, do send)
Are you in or are you out?
Are you a man or a mouse?

And now it’s gone a quarter past two
It’s time to post something that you can’t undo
Now press the key down, don’t let the finger hover
I think it’s gonna get me in a whole lot of bother

(Don’t send, do send, don’t send, do)