Feel The Morning – video

Here’s a piece of karaoke, filmed guerrilla style by Paul Fegan at Dr.Jimmy’s in Glasgow. It’s me and The Wellgreen playing along with a test pressing of the LP audio verité style. . . .

(I Can’t Get No) Stevie Jackson – streaming for 1 week only

If you want to have a listen to my album – here it is, for one week only. Hope you like it! And remember, you can still download ‘Man of God’ from the icon to the right of the song below.

(I Can’t Get No) Stevie Jackson by banchory

CDs and Vinyl now in Stock

We are delighted to have taken delivery of the CDs and vinyl copies of the album and are happy to report that they look and sound exactly as they should! Of course, this means that you can now buy them exclusively from us: price £10 for the CD and £17 for the vinyl (which comes with a download code). If you still want to download only – you can do so from us or from iTunes Hope you like it!


(I Can’t Get No) Stevie Jackson now available on iTunes

Stevie’s album, (I Can’t Get No) Stevie Jackson is now available for digital download on the iTunes store

If you would rather buy a pre-release bundle – with the download now and either vinyl or CD sent out to you on the release date of the 24th October – you can get them from the Banchory store.
Lastly, if you want to wait and just buy the CD or vinyl, you can do that too from the 24th.
Remember, the album will not be available in the shops until next year.
And remember you can still download ‘Man of God’ as a taster for the album from Soundcloud

Marc Riley Session, November 2nd

I’ve just had a call from Marc Riley and am delighted to say I’ll be doing a session on his show on 2nd November just ahead of my tour. He’s covering for Radcliffe & Maconie so don’t forget to tune in to BBC 6MUSIC between 1pm and 4pm and have a listen.